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About Us

Green Edge Gardens is a local company dedicated to improving gardens and grounds across Hertfordshire. 

Our staff are professionally trained and have years of experience. We know the importance of first impressions in a garden, but equally we know that your soil and plants need to be managed properly to get the best results. That's what sets us apart.

Our staff have the experience and gardening knowledge to give you a garden that not only looks great but is happy, healthy and will thrive.

We care about our customers and our environment, and are dedicated to consistently upholding a high quality service, ensuring both customer and employee satisfaction. 

Green Edge Gardens was founded by me, Paul Anderson. After graduating from University I decided to travel around the world. During this time I visited many botanical gardens and was inspired by the variety of different displays I saw and the techniques being used. It was these experiences that influenced my future career path. 

When I returned I studied at Capel Manor and I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my Diploma in Horticulture to use. Gardens have always been a passion of mine and my aim is always to make them look as spectacular as possible. ​

Now you know a little about us, we hope we can get to know you and help you get the best from your garden. Just contact us to let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to drop by and give you a quote and some advice about your garden. 

Why choose us

We know our customers want their gardener to be reliable, value for money, knowledgeable and and conscientious in their garden. So that's exactly what we offer!

Knowledgeable gardening

  • we're not labourers, we're gardeners. We have an understanding of gardens and how to maintain soil and plants to keep your garden happy, healthy and thriving

  • we're also honest about what we know and what we don't know. We're constantly learning about new plants and methods, so if we're unsure about something we'll do our research before we touch that beautiful plant or tackle a new job

Straight forward service and pricing

  • whether it's a big job or small, a one-off or regular visit, we offer a competitive price and only charge for the time we visit 

  • if you need to change your plans you can email or call us and we're happy to be flexible 

Tailored to your needs 

  • we encourage an open, regular dialogue with our customers to make sure we're delivering what you want 

  • for us it's not just about getting the job done, but making sure you get the most out of your garden. If we give you a garden you're happy with, you'll be happy with us

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