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Tree Pruning

Small tree pruning and removal


When tree felling is required we work very carefully, and to strict safety standards, to dismantle a tree without damaging surrounding trees or property. In gardens we are often working in relatively tight and complex spaces so trees are dismantled in manageable sections, using modern, quality equipment and tools, to ensure smooth removal of the tree. 

Once the tree is removed we can also grind the stump out, usually to a depth of 150mm below ground level, making the space in your garden usable again. 

There are many different reasons to prune trees. Periodic pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to keep a tree strong and healthy. Pruning may also be needed to remove crossing, or rubbing branches, that could lead to future infection. We also undertake pruning to maintain the shape and form of a tree, remove interference with nearby structures or wires, and increase the amount of light for plants underneath. 

Thinning of very dense crowns can also be undertaken, though this can reduce wind resistance and increase potential for storm damage, so is only recommended when a crown is particularly dense.

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